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Thousand Suns
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Thousand Suns
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Right Ascension of the Midheaven (RAMC)
 Additional Ayanamsha Data
Thousand Suns
Close ayan data button  The Ayanamsha is the difference between the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs.
(Fagan/Bradley plus the Synetic Vernal Point equals 30°).
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Additional Ayanamsha Data
Ayan Epoch date
Ayan value at Epoch

Enter your custom ayanamsha value for 1 Jan 2000 at Noon UTC in degrees (e.g. as 23.5) in the field under "Degrees" below.

The custom Ayanamsha for this date is:
Degrees ± ° ' "
Additional Custom Ayanamsha Data
Custom Ayanamsha Epoch JD
Custom Base Ayanamsha at Epoch (deg)

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